House with a Backyard


HomePro Management Services, LLC (HMS) offers home inspections, home watch and concierge services in Palm Beach County, FL.

We provide comprehensive, top notch home inspections for home sellers, buyers, real estate investors, and more. Our inspection services are thorough, transparent, and designed to ensure peace of mind and to identify  potential issues before they have a negative impact on your family or finances.

Home watch services are for those who spend time away from their home.  This can include a residential home, seasonal home, investment property or even an annual family vacation.  We go through a comprehensive checklist tailored to your property, record GPS location, date, take photos of the home and send you a detailed report after each visit.

HMS is fully insured, bonded, licensed and ready to provide you the confidence and peace of mind you deserve.



Whether you are buying, selling or maintaining your home can be difficult, but HomePro Management Services provides professional and quality service from the moment you call us.  We strictly adhere to the Standards of Practice for home inspectors established by InterNACHI, the leading home inspection association.  


We prepare a concise, easy to read report with photographs, emailed within 24 hours of the inspection.  Our typed narrative report with summary will lead you system by system through your house with the inspectors observations and recommendations included in clear, concise language.  And, photos are included, where appropriate, for further clarification.  Of course you are encouraged to attend the inspection so we can address your concerns and explain issues in person, as we find them. Follow-up phone calls are also welcome.

HomePro Management Services offers the following inspection services:

  • ​Residential Pre-Inspections

  • Buyers Inspections

  • Insurance Inspections (Wind Mitigation and Four Point)

  • Yearly Maintenance Inspections


Home Watch is a visual walkthrough of both the exterior and interior of a client's unoccupied home.  A customized checklist is used on every visit to identify water leaks, bug or animal infestation, rain or storm damage, verify that major systems like plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems are all working and any other areas unique to your home.

Our walk through starts with the outside.  We will pick up any flyers or newspapers that are outside.  A thorough check of all outside doors, windows and screens will be performed, as well as checking the exterior for signs of wear and tear (stucco cracks, flaking paint and loose siding), visible roof damage, lighting and yard/landscaping.

Inside, a complete walk through will be performed in each room.  We check the ceilings, walls and flooring for any leaks.  We will run the disposal, dishwasher, faucets, check the refrigerator, flush the toilets, ensure the thermostat is set to the appropriate temperature and check the water heater for leakage.  After each visit, a detailed report will be emailed to you.  

We are trained to pay close attention to detail to catch damage in the early stages before they become a disaster.  If a problem arises, we will coordinate the solution with your choice of a licensed vendor.